Following The Leaked Emails, Fauci Hires A Specialist To Set Up A Private Email Server

One of the best email-hosting experts in the country is now in charge of securing Fauci's emails.

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  • Anthony Fauci gets his very own private server to prevent "or at least reduce the chances of email leaks like this", as he puts it.
    His decision came after thousands of Covid-19 related emails, linked to Fauci, were made available online by BuzzFeed News and hundreds more were released by The Washington Post, under the Freedom of Information Act.
    The expert hired by Fauci believes that she can build him the most secured, while easy-to-erase private email server, saying “at this point why does it even matter? They’re already leaked and there’s nothing that Dr. Fauci can about it, the good news is I’m hired to prevent this from happening again.”.