Experiment: Man Wears Face Mask And MAGA Hat At Once, Dematerializes To An Unknown Realm

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  • No Maga-hat wearing Trump voter has been seen wearing a mask since the beginning of the pandemic.
    Now, in a new experience done by Rouse University, a Trump voter volunteered to wear both a mask, and his Maga hat at the same time.
    The electromagnetic reaction of the mixture of these two was monitored, and the results are new to laws of physics.
    “He just vanished when he wore them both. the mask alone did nothing, everything was stable, the same with the hat when he wore it without the mask… but as soon as he had them both on, his body started fading out of our vision.. just like that, gone! unfortunately we still don’t know where he is” said the head scientist observing the experiment.
    The science behind the experiment goes further and predicts that *if a vaccinated* Trump voter wear a mask and a Maga hat, the results may even cause a distortion in Earth's magnetic field.