BREAKING: Palestine Becomes Free As A Result of Social Media Users Changing Their Bios From “#BLM” To “#FreePalestine”

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  • People in Gaza have taken to the streets in celebration, as Palestine suddenly becomes free.
    This is all thanks to social media users across U.S and Europe, especially those on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter, who added “Free Palestine” to their profile bios in order to free the Palestinians.

    Users are now posting “#WeDidIt” and congratulating each other on their contribution to the cause.
    “I’ve had "#BLM" in my bio in the past two years which made a real difference, so around 5 days ago I decided to change that to “#FreePalestine” and “#QueersForPalestine” to help Palestine become free. I am glad it worked!”, said one TikToker in a post after hearing the news.