After Hours of Observing Their Rockets Turn to Dust in Midair, Hamas Learns About Anti-Missiles

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  • Anti-ballistic missile defense systems have of course existed for decades, but that doesn’t mean Hamas has been aware of them.

    GAZA- On Tuesday a residential tower, used by Gaza’s Islamist rulers Hamas, was hit and collapsed by an Israeli air strike, which accelerated the fight between Israel and Gaza militants.
    While firing hundreds of rockets at Israel, Palestinian militants found themselves confused by the strange behavior of their rockets, the rockets kept exploding in mid-air.
    That’s Abu Hamza, a military spokesman for the Al-Quds Brigades, saw a video on twitter showing Israel's anti-missiles in action. Palestinian militants stopped firing missiles shortly after Abu Hamza’s discovery.

    “This is bullsh*t, we just wasted 850 rockets” Hamas said in a statement.